Friday, April 13, 2012

Failed Friendships

It’s a sad thing to lose friends. Especially those you considered very close to you. Life is tormenting at times, and without friends to help you keep your chin up or put a smile on your face when times are rough, just plain sucks. It’s one of the most hurtful things to have someone you care about, ignore your existence and then point the finger at you. Maybe you had some fault, but they should be the ones to tell you how they feel. It can’t be completely your fault. Things could be mended with a heart to heart, but someone has to be the first to open up. If you don’t think the other person will, then you should. It could be that the other person has no idea of what they are doing or that they are doing anything wrong.

I have felt ignored by certain people in my life. One being my best friend of eight years. I felt abandoned by her, never mentioned a thing. I just moved on with my life and ignored her. She seemed to be too caught up with her personal life and other friends she had made when she moved to think about me. Nowadays, she's the one who feels abandoned by me. I'm still too scared to speak my feelings to her. I know she won't think the same as I do. Nothing was ever done with bad intentions on my behalf or hers. We don't speak anymore. But hey, we'll both live. I'll make new friends and the routine will continue.

When the time comes, your friends will show their true colors. Only your true friends will stand by your side. Every relationship no matter what shape or form, will have a few rough patches here and there. If the relationship becomes too unhealthy, then maybe it is time leave your friend behind. You will live, and so will they. Be grateful for those you have in your life, good friends are hard to come by. Keep your head up high, a smile on your face, good people by your side and move on with your life.

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