Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tight Like Family

After a long and serious talk about how bad we have been at keeping the store clean yesterday, the store manager described all of us original (and by original I mean those of us who have been there since the opening) employees as family. :’) It is exactly how I’ve felt for awhile now. Some of us have gotten so close and we all look out for each other. They have all changed my life for the better. Even the new employees (being there only about a month or so) have become a part of the close knit we are. The newer employees, those who have only been there two weeks or so, we’re still getting to know.

It breaks my heart though when coworkers leave. The most recent to leave, Jeffrey and Emily H., two of my favorite people gone for college, but promised to come back for the holidays. The upside to my abandonment is knowing I will see them again :P and meeting new people isn’t too bad either. ;)

Jeff and I have worked together since opening and as much as he gets on my nerves at times, I love him to death. Emily had only been here a little over month, but right off the bat, we got along really well. I adore that girl! I love my job and even though we get a little under each others skin at times, I really do love the people I work with.❤

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