Monday, September 5, 2011

How Do You Love Someone

(sung by Ashley Tisdale) is the song of my short little life. No joke.

Her vocals just don't fit so well, in my opinion.

'The song "How Do You Love Someone" written by Porcelain Black (Alaina Beaton) is "about a girl who deals with the split of her parents". Black was initially reluctant to let Tisdale record the song, but eventually green-lit the track. However, she recorded her RedOne-produced version which will feature guest vocals by Eminem for her upcoming debut album.[15]' - Wikipedia

I'm anxious to hear what Porcelain Black (Alaina Beaton) has done with the song; seeing as she co-wrote it and is releasing her own version of the track with featured vocals from Eminem. Only a snippet of the song has been released but I definitely like what I hear.

Porcelain Black is definitely a name to remember. Keep an eye out for her ;)

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